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Brand Eezox

From the Manufacturer


Totally effective from +450°F to -95°F

Synthetic EEZOX Premium Gun Care is composed of three major synthetic components that make your gun maintenance fast, simple and efficient.

  1. SOLVENT: A unique SOLVENT component that cleans under all conditions and temperatures.
  2. LUBRICANT: An exclusive formula of high tech SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS that function regardless of the extreme temperatures found within the firearm.
  3. RUST PREVENTATIVE: A combination of RUST INHIBITORS which keep metal parts free from rust and corrosion in all environments, including salt water conditions.

Synthetic EEZOX Premium Gun Care brings these three components together into a high density solution. As the solvent portion evaporates, a thin, strong molecular structure of Synthetic EEZOX lubricant remains on the metal surfaces. Also a protective dry coating - rust preventative - remains on the firearm while in use or in storage.

Only EEZOX needs to be used on the firearm. It is not necessary to use distillate-based bore cleaners, solvents, or lubricants before, during, or after the use of EEZOX.

The Triple Action Truth About Cleaning, Lubrication and Rust Prevention

  1. CLEANING: Petroleum Distillate solvents do not have the ability to penetrate residues built up in bores and on exterior surfaces. Due to the high density and superior penetrating ability of Synthetic EEZOX, problems involving stiff or jamming actions, lead, brass and copper build-up, as well as problems caused by carbon and plastic wad build-up are virtually eliminated when EEZOX is used as a cleaning solvent.
  2. LUBRICATING: Petroleum Distillate Lubricants are able to do their job only when they are liquid, i.e. before evaporating or being burned off ramps and slide surfaces. Synthetic EEZOX goes on wet, lubricates dry, and is non-flammable, therefore working in the severest of conditions. Scientific tests show that the coefficient of friction is reduced over 50% when EEZOX is used as a lubricant.
  3. PROTECTING: The American Standard for Tests and Measurements, (ASTM) is the internationally recognized testing authority and the ASTM B117 - 5% Salt Spray Fog Test is the de facto standard for testing a product's rust inhibiting properties. Outdoor elements, including extremes of temperature and humidity are introduced into the test environment and are carefully monitored. Petroleum Distillate Rust Preventatives receive a "Pass" rating if they inhibit rust for 18 to 24 hours. After 96 to 120 hours of testing, Synthetic EEZOX scored an "Excellent," the highest rating given. Even more remarkable, after 136 hours Synthetic EEZOX scored a "Good" rating, outperforming all distillate-based gun oils and other rust inhibitors available. This testing confirms that EEZOX provides the best rust protection.

For more information, please visit the Eezox website.